Your longtime partner!

For 30 years, HERWE GmbH has been one of the most recognised distributors of oleochemical and fatty chemical products in Germany. We represent some of the world's biggest manufacturers in the field of oleochemistry in Germany, and also some in the European area.

We have been representing the products of the company WIZ Chemicals (Italy) almost just as long, and are thus one of the leading partners for the German timber industry.

  • Personal and capable service
  • Customer-specific stock quantities for swift availability
  • Europe-wide logistics for all your branches
  • Sale also of small quantities, from one package unit
  • Worldwide network for sourcing tasks

Ethylene-bis-stearamide (EBS) in a new form!

Our vegetable amide wax (EBS) HERWEMAG AWV is now also available as dust-free pellets. It was recently introduced in the first customer projects under the name HERWEMAG AWV-N2. In addition, our...

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Extensive product portfolio

We offer our customers an extensive, high-quality range in the field of oleochemistry

  • Fatty acids / glycerin (e.g. stearic acid, oleic acid, glycerin)
  • Stearates / metal soaps (e.g. aluminium stearate, calcium stearate, magnesium stearate, sodium stearate / oleate, zinc stearate)
  • Esters (e.g. monoesters - glycerin monostearate/-oleate, glyceryl dibehenate; polyolester - stearyl-cetyl-, pentaerythritol ester; complex esters)
  • Fatty acid amides (e.g. ethylene-bis-stearamide, erucamide, oleamide, stearamide)


The responsible handling of resources has high priority in our company. Our products are based on raw materials from natural and renewable sources. In addition, Herwe, as a registered member (Supply Chain Associate) of the RSPO, supports the sustainable production of palm oil. The sale of sustainable products is just one aspect, however. In addition to this, Herwe takes other, daily measures in all areas of the company to minimise consumption of resources.